Can We Please Stop Talking About the Knicks Now?

It is no secret in sports that teams from big-market cities get all the attention, even if they aren’t necessarily any good. The Lakers have not made the playoffs in six years yet they are constantly talked about on ESPN. The Dallas Cowboys, despite not winning a title in well over twenty years, are practically the face of the NFL. However, if there is truly one team who does not deserve any of the attention they get, it is the New York Knicks.

The Knicks are an absolute joke of an organization and they have been for a very long time. Despite being one of the most valuable teams in sports they have not won a single title since the early 70’s. The only reason anybody ever talked about them was because they were in New York and their location has kept them relevant. Year after year experts speculate that they are a potential destination for top free agents yet they never seem to land them. This past offseason they reached a new low as a franchise. 

All offseason Knicks fans had been licking their chops at the possibility of drafting Zion Williamson with the first overall pick and pairing him with some big name free agents such as Kevin Durant or Anthony Davis. They were oddly confident that they were getting the first pick in the draft. One fan even went ahead and made the idiotic decision the get a tattoo of Zion in a Knicks Jersey

Unfortunately for them, the lottery was not rigged (at least not in their favor) and they ended up with the third pick, which they spent on Duke’s RJ Barrett. He is still a great pick for this franchise, but he doesn’t have the ability to draw star players to New York like Zion would have. 

To say they failed in free agency does not fully represent just how badly they shit the bed. They literally missed out on every superstar they were planning on signing, and that isn’t even the worst part. Their cross-town rivals the Brooklyn Nets went ahead and signed Kevin Durant and Kyrie Irving, forming what could be the league’s next great superteam. It must sting for Knicks fans knowing these stars would rather commute to Brooklyn then play in historic Madison Square Garden. Instead of landing Anthony Davis or KD, they ended up with Bobby Portis and Julius Randle. While Randle is coming off his best season as a pro, it is certainly not the star-studded class they expected to get.  

This whole debacle really comes down to the fact that the Knicks have the only ownership in sports that can make Dan Snyder look competent. James Dolan has effectively destroyed this franchise and ruined every bit of potential they’ve had over the years. While the Knicks haven’t been good in years, at least they had promising young stars like Kristaps Porzingis at the beginning of this season. However, in classic Knicks fashion, he requested a trade because he was uncertain with the direction of the franchise. A close friend of Kevin Durant has revealed that trading Porzingis caused KD to drop the Knicks from his list of potential free agency destinations. 

I am hoping that after this offseason we can all finally acknowledge that the Knicks are irrelevant and no longer deserve the attention they receive. This is supposed to be one of the association’s marquee franchises, yet they haven’t won a title in almost 50 years, they never land the big name free agents they are “supposed to get”, and if it weren’t for the fact that they played in America’s biggest city, they would be about as relevant as the Sacramento Kings. 

Perhaps RJ Barrett will turn out to be the GOAT and will turn the Knicks around. However, if he pans out it is much more likely he will demand a trade because that is what happens to the Knicks. The media has tried for years to make the Knicks seem relevant, but the jig is up. They are one of the league’s most irrelevant franchises at the moment and it is about time we start treating them like one. 


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