Goodbyes (Feat. Young Thug) // Post Malone

I gotta admit I have a soft spot in my heart for Posty. Is it because he’s from my home state of Texas? Is it because he’s brave enough to get a face tattoo of what we’re all thinking (“Always Tired”)? Or is it because I’m just a sad white boy that craves sad white boy music? Whatever it is, I’ve been a fan of Post Malone since his first album, Stoney, came out in 2016. Between that album, as well as his newer album, beerbongs & bentleys, Post has developed an impressive discography full of songs that can fit any mood — and I can prove it to you.

 Sauced at the tail end of the party and want to jam with your friends? Put on “Congratulations.” Need something to pick your mood up? Try “Money Made Me Do It” and I promise it’ll be hard not to dance to it. Driving to clear your mind after a long day? “Psycho” has one of the most mellow beats out there. In your feels while thinking about an ex? Well, Posty has a whole lot of songs PERFECT for any sort of feely mood you may find yourself in.

“But Charlie, what about ‘Goodbyes’ beat?” I’m glad you asked because if you generally like Post’s beats, you’re going to like this one, too. With a relatively mellow rhythm that picks up during the more emotional parts of the song, the song fits well with the rest of Post’s repertoire. 

Well, I certainly think “Goodbyes” falls in the “angry at your ex” category. Right out of the gate the opening bars hit us with: 

“Me and Kurt feel the same, too much pleasure is pain

My girl spites me in vain, all I do is complain

She needs something to change, need to take off the e-e-edge

So fuck it all tonight”

Post has mentioned multiple times that Kurt Cobain inspired him to do music in the first place and revealed he has a tribute tattoo to the late icon. At the beginning of this verse, Post compares his struggles with Cobain’s, showing that the glamour and excitement of fame often hide serious underlying emotional and mental consequences.. In this particular instance, Post opens up about his relationship troubles, giving us a song that so many of us can relate to and access. The second verse goes on:

“We’re both actin’ insane, but too stubborn to change

Now I’m drinkin’ again, 80 proof in my veins

And my fingertips stained, looking over the e-e-edge

Don’t fuck with me tonight

Say you needed this heart, then you got it 

Turns out that it wasn’t what you wanted

And we wouldn’t let go and we lost it

Now I’m a goner”

One issue I think that many Americans have is often we will keep at something that is not enjoyable anymore because we are too stubborn. I know that I’m not the only individual that has been in a toxic relationship but was too stubborn to make the changes for the betterment of the relationship — or even too hopefully unyielding to leave. Post tackles this phenomenon through the previously mentioned verse, and it definitely hits close to home for those of us who put ourselves through so much trying for something that wasn’t ever going to work out.

Now I wouldn’t feel right covering this song without covering the Young Thug feature. Thug’s verse is in direct contrast with the theme of Post’s verses. Instead of singing about how he wants this girl out of his life, Thug’s verse is about trying to reconnect with her. 

“I want you out of my life

I want you back here tonight…

You’re Barbie life doll, it’s Nicki Minaj*”

At first glance, the contradiction between Thug’s and Post’s message might be a little confusing, but I believe that’s the whole point. It reflects the back and forth, the turbulence, the tug-of-war that is a dwindling relationship. If you haven’t had the AbSoLuTe PlEaSuRe of being in a complicated relationship, it’s possible to still miss your ex even if it clearly wasn’t meant to be. The song isn’t about just being angry at an ex — it’s a complicated cocktail of anger, desire, and melancholy.

As a true Post fanboy, I’m eagerly awaiting his third album. And even though this new single did not revolutionarily shatter any of his fans’ expectations, it shows that he’s still great at what I love him for: making music for sad boys with girl issues.


*There was not a great place to put this in the rest of the article, but I really like this lyric because Thug shouts out Nicki as a Barbie doll since she’s been referring to herself as a Barbie all the way back to her debut mixtape “Playtime is Over” which was released 12 years ago to the day this song was released

[All songs listed recorded and written by Post Malone]


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