Fresh Music Friday

With Nick and Charlie

The 7/26 Edition

Nick’s Picks

Up in the Clouds // Skegss

Perfect for:

  • -finding monumental motivation
  • thinking about the future 

If you haven’t dipped your toes into the world of Aussie Rock, you’re missing out. The sound is varied and loose, giving you a taste of that wild, ‘Land Down Unda’ freedom. 

“Up in the Clouds” comes courtesy of the punk outfit Skegss. It’s not a long song, but it certainly packs an emotional punch. It opens with idle guitar strums backed by lyrics like “I might not ever work things out” and “I might live my whole life not knowing how.” The song slowly weaves the classic tale of millennial desperation in a way that hits almost too close to home. A quick beat is added and the track draws up to its first big drum bomb. Thoroughly questioning life itself, the vocals are suddenly supported by loud, epic drums and a transportative guitar line. 

From here, the listener is propelled into a world of thought, despair, and ultimately hope. One could call this ‘clouds.’ The song offers no solutions to life’s mysteries or hardships but captures how frustratingly difficult it can be. It also  explains how ultimately “it’s all been worth it.” Up in the Clouds is a beautiful piece perfect for any sadboi or thinking playlist. Enjoy the clouds, just remember to come down eventually. 

Undertow // Dan Auerbach

Perfect for:

  • -grooving through your commute
  • dancing in the kitchen 

“Undertow” is a pretty simple song. The lyrics aren’t really anything special and it follows a relatively predictable pattern. But man does it bump. 

Opening with a groovy, chill guitar, Black Keys member, Dan Auerbach, quickly dips into his extensive musical repertoire. Glazed-over drums and sweeping violins lead the listener down the lazy river of relaxation. It’s unbelievably fun and will melt your stress as soon as it opens, making it the perfect backtrack for a slow dance with that special someone. 

Auerbach is wildly talented. Not only does he have the Black Keys and his very own solo career, but membership in a band called the Arcs which I highly recommend. He brings a consistent yet innovative sound to the modern rock game that is welcomed with open arms by fans worldwide. This track is evidence enough of that broad reach, as it has over five million streams on potify. Undertow has such a sonic lure to it that you’ll feel pulled to it just as the name implies. 

Charlie’s Picks

Take On Me // Weezer

Perfect for:

  • -Driving Fast on the highway
  • A nostalgia binge

The original version of Take On Me has had a soft spot in my heart for many many years. The characteristic cheesy sound that infiltrated much of the 80s is omnipresent throughout the whole song, and that feeling of nostalgia is what made me love it in the first place. 

If the spirit of a cover remains, you know there’s been a successful remake However, it’s the additions, messing with, and updated vibes that make a cover song good. In this on specifically, Weezer has maintained, the overall spirit of Take On Me with its upbeat tempo and 80s synth. However, the use of analog instruments is much more prevalent in this version of the song, giving Weezer fanboys like myself the ability to recognize the band — even if they didn’t technically write it. 

Wear My Ring // Bart Crow

Perfect for:

  • When you finally decide you don’t need to call your ex
  • A down-home country jam session

If you’re going through a rough spot and need to be a negative Nancy from time to time, country music can help. Sometimes,  the lyrics of a song tell your own story it seems Wear My Ring by Bart Crow does just that in a rockin’ country jam. The song is filled with awesome guitar solos as well as an interesting, nuanced bassline uncommon in most country music. 

Plus, its hard not to belt this chorus at the top of your lungs:

“Said little angel with the bottle
I don't love you anymore
Yeah I spent some time out with the devil
Oh but you don't hurt me anymore
Yeah I waste my time
And I waste my money
On a broken dream
'Cause you wouldn't wear my ring
Baby give me back my ring”


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