10 Biggest Winners From the Fortnite World Cup

10. Fatch


In 10th place, a Canadian player who goes by the name “Fatch” won $225,000 for placing 10th overall in the Fortnite Solos Division. Not a bad payday.

9. Riversan


9th place sees United States player “Riversan” walking away from the Fortnite World Cup Solos Division with $300,000.

8. Nayte


French player “Nayte” earned a $575,000 payout from coming in 8th place in the Solos Division of the Fortnite World Cup, with a total of 26 points earned.

7. Skite


Another French player, “Skite” comes in at number 7 with a payout of $525,000 from a 7th place standing in the Solos Division.

6. Crue


Swedish player “Crue” earned 6th place in the Solos Division, yielding a payout of $600,000. It only goes up from here.



13 year old (yes, 13) Argentinian “KING” comes in 5th place with a $900,000 payout.

4. Kreo


The 4th place prize breaks the million-dollar mark. American player “Kreo” won over a million dollars for a 4th place finish in the Solos Division.

3. EpikWhale


16 year old American player “EpikWhale” comes in 3rd place with a $1.2 million win.

2. Psalm


24 year old American player Harrison Chang, who goes by “Psalm” takes home second place with a $1.8million win.

1. Bugha


16 year old American player Kyle “Bugha” Giersdorf won first place, which carried a hefty $3 million payout. At 16, this guy just won $3 million from playing video games.


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