Artist Spotlight: Charley Crockett

For those who have read some of my previous articles, you might pick up on the fact that I have a bit of an ongoing beef with the mainstream country music industry. I feel a bit like an old man yelling at the clouds with the way I constantly complain about snap/clap beat tracks, lazy songwriting, and a focus on making a poppy beat as opposed to a focus on lyricism and a style that can be related to the blue-collar, red-blooded American. 

So, if you have the same complaints that I do about the modern country music industry, you’d be happy to know that there’s a relatively new Outlaw style country musician whose songs I’ve been adding to my playlists, and his name is Charley Crockett.

Charley hails from the great Republic of Texas and grew up in my home city of Dallas. This combined with summers spent with an uncle in the French Quarter of New Orleans left Charley with no shortage of musical influences. Spending his early life listening to everything from sample-based hip hop to classic outlaw-style country music; it’s safe to say that he draws inspiration from many different genres of music.

Trading poppy drum loops for a twangy steel-slide guitar sound, Charley represents everything great about the Outlaw Country scene. Keeping a classic recording style and lyricism alongside modern recording technology makes for some damn fine music, and nothing encapsulates this more than his cover of Tanya Tucker’s Jamestown Ferry. Featuring a sweet slide guitar alongside a relaxing key, Charley’s voice fits perfectly with the bittersweet longing for a lover that skipped town. 

Charley is a music-making machine, having released five albums since 2015. All there’s left to say is that if you’re like me and appreciate a modern singer-songwriter with an old-time feel, check-up on this newer singer-songwriter!

Other song recommendations: Night Train to Memphis, Good Time Charley’s Got the Blues, I’m Workin’, Ain’t Gotta Worry Child


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