The Jim Harbaugh Era Is Coming to an End

No coach is under more scrutiny than Michigan’s head football coach, Jim Harbaugh. After narrowly beating Army 24-21 in double OT in a game in which they were the 22 point favorites, Harbaugh and the Maize and Blue were shamed into embarrassment by Wisconsin, losing 35-14 — and at one point were down 28-0. 

Harbaugh got absolutely roasted on Twitter, and it felt like people finally had woken up to the kind of coach Harbaugh is. He’s had some great moments in his coaching career, including leading Andrew Luck to a win in the Orange Bowl at Stanford and the San Francisco 49ers to a Super Bowl appearance in 2013. But when you take a long, hard look at his record in Ann Arbor, he’s nowhere close to bringing that program to a National Championship. The numbers speak for themselves.

Harbaugh is currently the third-highest paid coach in the country, making $7.51 million per year. The only two coaches earning more are Alabama’s Nick Saban and Clemson’s Dabo Swinney. In the last four years, Saban and Swinney both have won two national championships. Harbaugh, on the other hand, won the Citrus Bowl in 2015 and has proceeded to lose three straight bowl games. I’m not a stats expert, but that seems pretty reprehensible for the third highest-paid coach in the land.  

The high expectations Harbaugh came in with are both the product of prior coaching success and a tremendous amount of hype he is personally responsible for — an example being Signing Day 2016 for the Maize and Blue. 

Harbaugh brought in Derek Jeter and Tom Brady for the “signing of the stars event.” Harbaugh had every right to bring these superstars in, but if he assumed their presence was going to turn the tide for Michigan and be the deciding means of beating Ohio State, well, he was clearly mistaken. Harbaugh pulled off another stunt when he took part in a music video by Bailey, titled “Who’s got it better than us?” Well, clearly a lot programs have it better than you and your team, Coach Harbaugh.

Michigan’s schedule this year will only become more treacherous, as they still have to play No. 10 Notre Dame, No. 12 Penn State, No. 25 Michigan State, and longtime rival No. 5 Ohio State, of course.

If Harbaugh loses a fifth straight year to Ohio State, it might be the last game he ever coaches for the Wolverines.


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