Addressing Trump Tyranny

The ‘“line.” The line is the arbitrary measure of which we can stretch our own values, norms, laws, etc. President Trump has not only changed our understanding of the line, but seemingly made it his mission to redraw, distort, and skew the line of our political and moral standards into a warped value system of diluted accountability. 

Nonetheless, the Democrats have been problematically hesitant to strike back at Trump. Oftening prioritizing platitudes over action, the Left has allowed Trump to legitimize his presidency long enough to cement his dangerous populist fervor.

However, just under two weeks ago, a whistleblower report emerged claiming that Trump worked to coordinate with Ukraine to investigate the Bidens and thus threaten American democracy. This has lead to Nancy Pelosi and the Democrats to finally embark on the impeachment process against Trump.

“If this pattern of behavior were to continue to prevail and the president continues to ignore that Article II does not say that he can do whatever he wants, then it’s over for the republic. We will have the equivalent of a monarchy.” – Nancy Pelosi

Honestly, it’s about time such rhetoric is used to describe what Trump is doing to American politics. The whistleblower claim hopefully serves as the final stroke to the prolonged painting of collusion and tyrannical pursuit by our President. 

It’s time for Democrats to step up and stop being walked over by their counterparts. Trump has crossed the line of American standards far too many times now and if Democrats can’t reach decisive accountability to rebuild American democracy, maybe we deserve monarchy.


  1. Pelosi’s quote here is quite a strong one, and she’s right. Since Trump took office I’ve heard numerous people talk about the fact that he is almost a fascist dictator of the United States, rather than a president – I’d have to agree. You also said it quite well, that Trump is trying to redraw “the line” in a grotesque way, and it really is time for a change. We can only accept his racist/xenophobic/homophobic/outright rude rhetoric for so much longer, and with more and more signs pointing to international collusion, one thing’s for sure — impeachment is necessary.


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