If you thought I was done writing about the Daryl Morey China/Hong Kong controversy, then you’re dead wrong. Right as I’m working on my English midterm, LeBron James has Twitter in a frenzy, and I have no choice but to write a blog post about it.

This is the tweet from Daryl Morey that has caused some much controversy across NBA circles.

When asked on Monday night about the Daryl Morey controversy, James claimed that Morey “wasn’t educated on the situation.”

Smh @Bron… I really can’t think of a weaker or more ignorant comment. It is one thing to not comment on the situation at all, but it is another thing to say that Morey was straight up uneducated. Follow up question: LeBron, how have you been educated about this situation? And why is Morey wrong? I hate to ask, but has LeBron been educated on the situation from the authoritarian Chinese government?

This isn’t just any athlete were talking about making comments on political issues. No, LeBron has avidly supported social and political discourse, like having California Governor Gavin Newsom on his show “The Shop” to sign the Fair Play Act. And on top of all his efforts, he has his own series titled “More Than an Athlete” where he and hometown friends discuss their journey from Akron, Ohio to well-known stars. What an incredible lack of self-awareness James showed this week. I expect more from him.

In the aftermath of his off-color comments, LeBron wasted no time in defending himself on Twitter:

I don’t think this answer will satisfy most. The damage is done, Bron, and you should’ve known with your outspoken activism that this question would come up.


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