On Oct. 17, the Washington Wizards and two-time All-Star shooting guard Bradley Beal agreed on a two year $72 million contract extension. The deal will keep him under team control until the 2022-23 season where he has a player option. Beal started 82 games during his last two seasons and led the team in points and minutes played.

Beal’s new contract will have him earning $127 million over the next four years if he decides to accept his player option in 2021. It also states that he cannot be traded during this year’s season, which many believed would happen before he signed the extension. If Beal were to accept his player option, he would make $5 million more than what he could get on the open market in free agency. He also gets 50 percent of his 2021 and 2022 salaries paid in advance. A 15 percent trade kicker clause additionally means he gets a bonus of 50 percent of his current contract given to him by the Wizards. Basically, Beal got paid and will most likely not be traded.

The updated contract benefits both Beal and Washington in the long term. Beal gets paid, but more importantly, he stays in Washington for at least one more season. Beal has publicly stated his desire to stay in DC and the trade clause ensures just that. A player option also gives him the flexibility to either make a large sum of money or go into free agency where he can pick any team to play with.

For the Wizards, the deal takes into account that Beal can only get better — meaning his trade value will increase with time. It seems like Washington has the intent to trade him at some point, and this contract allows the franchise to maximize a trade package for him. If the extension wasn’t made, they would have had to trade him this year which would not yield as much value as what could come in the next few seasons. If the team plans on keeping him, they now have control of him for another three years rather than one.

All we know for now is that Beal is here to stay, and Wizards fans can enjoy watching him play for the next NBA season.


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