My Library to Yours: In Rotation, Vol. 5

Superbloom // Kiefer

Genre: Electronic Jazz

Release Date: Sep 20, 2019

With successful releases and notable collaborations now under his belt, Kiefer is one of the most invigorating names in electronic music. Kiefer has been incredibly busy this year, with the EP “Bridges” coming out just six months ago and Anderson .Paak’s “Ventura” album dropping over the summer. Kiefer is committed to providing additional content for his fans, and the seven-song “Superbloom” deliberately exhibits his progression from release to release.

Throughout his short career, Kiefer has curated a sound that is unique and revolutionary, to say the least, and he continues his streak of innovation into this project. The tracks “May 20” and “10,000 Days,” display the variance in what he can produce, from experimental electronic melodies to quintessential Kiefer keys. 

Outside of building his discography, Kiefer is a student and teacher of jazz, and he consistently brings influences from those roles into his music. “Be Encouraged” and “And Encourage Others,” the outro tracks, come together to form an essential quote in his life, as well as one of the most beautiful segments of his released music to date. Altogether, “Superbloom” is the pinnacle of Kiefer’s career, but at just 23 minutes, we are left to patiently watch what this stunning artist can accomplish in the future.

DiVE // Black Milk 

Genre: Alternative Rap 

Release Date: Aug 2, 2019

At 36 years old and with seven studio albums under his belt, Detroit rapper Black Milk is no stranger to the hip-hop music scene. From collaborations with Danny Brown to this 34-minute EP, “DiVE,” Black Milk has always integrated characteristics of a variety of genres and influences, both in the studio and on the stage.

While Black Milk’s musical style revolves around blending the lines between hip-hop and R&B, it does not imply that he lacks talent as a rapper. The song “Black Nasa (feat. Sam Austins)” demonstrates his ability to spit bars like any rapper can; supplemented with an electrifying chorus from Sam Austins and a thumping beat. 

The most compelling facet of Black Milk’s music comes from the instrumental incorporation of his influences. The vocally absent tracks “Now Begin” and “Out Loud” reveal the alternative nature of Black Milk’s style through the incorporation of aspects of rock and electronica in his melodic support. Whether it be through a diversity of genres or a plain exhibition of talent, Black Milk brought everything out for display with “DiVE.” 

Like What – EP // Tennyson

Genre: Electronic

Release Date: December 4, 2015

Tennyson, the Canadian sibling electronic duo, has been making music since they could walk, with strong influences of jazz and blues stemming from early childhood. When he was just 13, Luke began producing electronic music and playing keys, and with his elder sister Tess later joining with drums and percussion, the pair was set for greatness. “Like What,” an earlier six-song project from the group, is a remarkable introduction into the style of Tennyson.

Throughout the project, the duo enjoys reverting to jazz-like improvisation and pulling out cheerfully video-game-esque electronic riffs. The intro track, “Like What,” puts the listener straight into their stylistic segmented chaos, before turning to the second song, “Fault Line,” which demonstrates the pair’s methodical nature, coupled with alluring vocals from Luke.

“Like What” shows Tennyson’s spectacular ability to dance the line between improvised electronic disarray and strong song arc, and “7:00 AM” exhibits this flawlessly. Bringing together different energies and stylistic tendencies, the track represents one of the crowning moments in the duo’s discography. 


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