Don’t Give Up Hope…Yet

It looks bad, but it really isn’t. 

The Washington Nationals were up 2-0 against the Houston Astros in the World Series, and now they’re down 3-2. Max Scherzer was a late starch from Game 5 with back spasms, and Kurt Suzuki has been having trouble with his hips. 

However, all hope isn’t lost. The visiting team is undefeated in the 2019 World Series. If this holds, the Nats could win Games 6 and 7 in Houston and come back victorious. 

Monday’s day off could be just what the Nats need. This is their first-ever World Series appearance and it’s stressful. But having a day off to relax and travel as a team back to the stadium where they won the first two games of the series could be the confidence booster they need. The Nats have talked about playing for their lives all season, and there is no bigger time than this. If they needed a little extra kick in the pants, this is it. 

The day off also gives Scherzer and Suzuki another day to rest without missing a game. Manager Davey Martinez hasn’t ruled either of them out for the series and, if we don’t see them on Tuesday, they could be refreshed and ready to go for Game 7 if necessary. 

Stephen Strasburg is scheduled to pitch Game 6 and, after his dominant Game 2, things are looking up. He went seven innings and gave up two runs on seven hits for the win. The bullpen has been through a lot this weekend so, if Strasburg can give us another good start, it would take a lot of stress off Martinez and the relief corps. 

Justin Verlander is scheduled to start for Houston. In four different World Series appearances (two with Houston and two with the Detroit Tigers) Verlander has never won a game. His ERA in those 33 innings is 5.73. The Nats were successful against him on Tuesday and this could be the motivation that brings the offense back to life.  

Going back to Houston brings better weather as well. On and off cold weather and rain in DC this weekend has been no fun. It’s forecasted to be 80 and cloudy on Tuesday. The low is 70, which means that everyone can ditch the long sleeves and play loose and comfortable. 

Don’t lose hope DC. This team has it in them.


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