My name is Michael Gorman, and I’m here to call for a boycott of Washington’s football team. We as D.C. sports fans don’t need them. As has been well documented on this site and others, the team has neglected its fans over and over again with poor products on-field, needless controversy, and of course, a ridiculously offensive team name. 

We should boycott the team because our other teams have proven their awesomeness in recent years. Within the span of 511 days, Washington teams have seen a Stanley Cup victory, a WNBA championship, and a World Series win. What a time to be a fan! Except if you support Washington football.

This whole series as a Nationals fan has been a rush. I think I can relate to the D.C. sports fans reading this when I say this series has been hard to watch. It was difficult to keep my memory association free of any past drama that has plagued D.C. sports for 20-plus years, scenes of injuries to our dear stars like John Wall and RGIII, countless all-or-nothing losses for our Capitals and Nationals, and so, so many losses. But this championship, along with titles from our Mystics and Capitals, have put my heart and mind at ease.

And how fun the championship runs were. All the 8th and 9th inning come-from-behinds. Putting together one of the best offensive seasons in WNBA history. Being the best team in baseball from May 24 to October 30. Elena Delle Donne’s 50-40-90 season. All the bullpen failures. All the amazing outings from our starters. EDD’s injury struggles throughout the season. The coolheaded dominance of Anthony Rendon. The dynamic Emma Meeseman stepping up in the playoffs. The swaggering batter’s box antics from Juan Soto. Adam Eaton and Howie Kendrick’s truck-driving-whatever-that-is. And of course baby shark! What a bunch of unforgettable memories. 

Even D.C. United and the Washington Wizards have been doing well recently — in direct contrast to our football team. D.C.U. has made the playoffs several times in the last few seasons, and while it’s been a little while since the glory days of the Wall-Beal combo for the Wizards, it’s clear the team has turned a corner with the firing of General Manager Ernie Grunfeld and a new emphasis on player development. As my fellow sportswriter Abe Jolles contends, D.C.U. also has the chance to take on a bit of a retooling of the team’s roster in the post-Wayne Rooney era. 

So that’s basically it. Washington football just isn’t worth our time as a city that is only recently finding reasons to come together as a cohesive, prideful group of fans. There is so much joy emanating from Nationals Park, and paying any ounce of attention to our problematic, racist, poorly run garbage dumpster trash heap of a football team only serves to bring us down and distract us from the greatness happening in other parts of the city. 


  1. you lost me when you mentioned changing the name! Sorry. My family and I are proud Native Americans that has loved this team for 70 plus years. I agree it is gotten harder to watch this team and I don’t get as excited anymore about the games! The front office deserves total blame! Leave the ale alone. We love that it represents our ancestors! And we are still around ! HTTR


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