Someone had to say it. The sports media personality has been a jerk to pretty much everyone in the realm of sports. And he does it without any eloquence at all. Whether it’s telling Urban Meyer that one of his own players never went to Ohio State or attacking Wizards’ guard John Wall when talking about his father, Colin Cowherd has no common courtesy

Cowherd has been a pretty unpleasant guy for a long time. Back in 2007, he purposely overflowed a website called “The Big Lead” and told viewers to “blow up” the site. The site was down for four days as a result, and Cowherd never apologized for instigating the event. 

The very worst thing about Cowherd is his arrogance. He speaks as if he’s the greatest sports thinker of all time — when in reality he is simply a trash talk show host. I understand the necessity of confidence on TV, but it at least needs to be backed up by talent. The funniest moment of Cowherd’s career was his overly confident 2018 NFL mock draft. If you need a refresher, that was the year all of the sports world knew Baker Mayfield was going No. 1 to the Browns.

But no, Cowherd had to justify to everyone how smart he was, so he put out this mock draft. Granted, these lists will never be perfect, but come on, man. He’s a football insider, has connections to every scout and coach he wants, and somehow comes out with that laughable failure. He didn’t get one pick right. Not one. knew that Baker was going No. 1 and that Saquon was not lasting to No. 9 — I could run a show better than he does.

Let’s not forget the way he covered Sean Taylor’s death on his radio station. He said that Taylor put his death upon himself  for how he had played on the field. Just one day after Taylor was killed, this clown said that Taylor deserved to die despite the despair a whole city faced after waiting for years on a good team. And to make matters worse, he again never apologized. This dude’s messed up.

It’s no secret that this guy is a massive scumbag. However, scumbags get press, as is clear in today’s environment. Public arrogance boosts Spotify streams, votes, and TV ratings. Cowherd has figured out that formula and seems to be doing his very best to maintain the persona that brought him to fame in the first place. 


  1. I never minded criticism of a player I like or a team I root for but when you take it too far like cowherd and incorporate race and death then you lose my respect


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