Sports Gambling Is Coming to Capital One Arena

If you’re bummed that the Green Turtle outside of Capital One Arena is closing, then I may have some news to cheer you up. A sportsbook run by online sports betting company, William Hill, will be replacing the Turtle in 2020. That means degenerates across the Nation’s Capital can throw down as many overs and unders as they want in Capital One Arena during Capitals and Wizards game days. 

I have to give credit where credit’s due. So Ted Leonsis, great move here, sir. This absolutely sets D.C. sports apart from other cities, as this represents the first time major professional sports teams will have a sportsbook inside their stadium. The sportsbook also plans to stay open on nights when the Capitals or Wizards are playing away.

They this will be a great distraction for Wizards when they’re getting blown out and gamblers can let off some steam betting the money line in a Sacramento-Phoenix NBA game. This will also draw non-Capitals and Wizards fans to Capital One Arena that usually wouldn’t be there.

Leonsis may have sparked a trend that could very well spread nationwide as sportsbooks are brought to professional stadiums across the country. If Leonsis never wins another championship in D.C., allowing legal gambling at pro sports events will still be one hell of a legacy.

Enjoy, degenerates.


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