Washington Nationals Injuries to Keep an Eye on

Winning the World Series truly takes the blood, sweat, and tears of an entire team. For much of the season, we were calling the Washington Nationals “the Injury List Nats” because it seemed like someone else was joining the I.L. every day. The offseason will provide some time for rest and recovery, but there are still some injuries to keep an eye on. 

Trea Turner broke his right index finger in April and missed nearly 40 games. He came back and had a solid season but was unable to grip the bat with all 10 fingers. We only learned after the World Series that his finger wasn’t completely healed, and it was still slightly crooked. He underwent surgery on Nov. 16 to get it fixed, and he should be good to go for Spring Training. 

Max Scherzer was a walking wound by the end of the season. The man broke his nose during batting practice in June and still didn’t miss a single start. Later in the season, he suffered from neck and shoulder pain which forced him to miss his start in Game 5 of the World Series. He received treatment and pitched a stellar Game 7, as the Nats won. Scherzer will need some rest. But again, there are no lingering concerns – other than his bunting ability. 

The other elder statesman of the team, Ryan Zimmerman, spent some time on the I.L. with plantar fasciitis in his left foot. This is a recurring injury for the 35-year-old and could be a slight cause for concern. Hopefully, he’ll stay off his feet this winter and be ready to go in February, but a new pair of cleats could be in order as well. Honestly, as long as his shoulder continues to stay healthy, we’ll all be okay. 

It wasn’t directly a game injury, but Davey Martinez suffered chest pain on Sept. 15 and was admitted to the hospital for treatment. He missed a few games but returned to the dugout and was go to for the playoffs. He told the players that they cured his heart after they won the World Series. His doctors made some changes to his daily life, including sitting more than standing in the dugout, which seemed to help, so there shouldn’t be any lingering concerns going into Spring training. 

There are many other bumps, bruises, and even a few hangovers to recover from, but despite their rough start, the Nats ended the season in better shape than they started. 2020 is already looking promising. 



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