Another Scandal Surfaces: Abolish ICE Now

Happy December, everyone. Is the government an institution you find yourself thankful for? Do you need any more convincing of its corruption? If you do, here’s another shit show of a news piece.

Immigrations and Customs Enforcement has been trending in the news in recent years for all the wrong reasons, including using illegitimate warrants to unlawfully enter private homes, racially profiling people based on language and skin color, horrible conditions in their detention centers, and tricking people into signing self-deportation forms. 

And here we are adding another wrongdoing to the long list. 

According to Detroit Free Press, ICE successfully entrapped and lured several hundred immigrants to the falsified University of Farmington, using it as a front to bring in Indian immigrants and take them into custody.

In an operation started in 2017, ICE has reportedly arrested at least 250 “students” at the university, while ICE has kept the tuition money.

The school is listed as an accredited institution on the Department of Homeland Security website, legitimizing what is an opportunity for many immigrants to gain citizenship status. Instead, they’re placed in a detention center or deported as victims of a corrupt scam.

ICE officers should be ashamed, and it’s time for American citizens to take a stand.

Shatter your preconceived notions of law enforcement and ICE as free and fair institutions with the goal of ‘keeping the peace.’ Don’t trust members of the executive branch to protect anything close to peace. This case of entrapment further proves the notion that ICE serves as an institution to uphold President Trump’s ideals of maintaining white male supremacy — or Keeping America Great. Trump has repeatedly made it clear who is and is not welcome in this country, and ICE is playing directly into his supremacist politics. Fuck them both.

ICE? More like the Gestapo. This can’t go on any longer. Thousands of #AbolishICE Tweets have gone up since Reuters reporting made public the horrid treatment of children at the southern border. But we as reasonable, liberty-possessing citizens of the United States need to take more direct, tangible action aside from empty Tweets. It’s simple: the democracy for which we strive cannot exist alongside such wrongdoing. We can’t allow our own police forces to engage in such racist and ILLEGAL activities any longer. 

Learn about movements to take down ICE, in these articles: We’re Going to Abolish ICE, It’s Time to Abolish ICE, and take part in the community on Reddit, with r/WhereAreTheChildren. Find your representatives and contact them with this website. Each of these options will help you give a better idea of what can be done on a ground-level basis. Take action. The country needs you!


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