Bruce Allen is Out in Washington

Colts at Redskins 09/16/18

The announcement came out today from Washington Football insider JP Finlay that Bruce Allen’s ten-year term at the helm of Washington’s football operations is finally over. 

Allen’s overall record since being named team president in 2010 is 45 – 82 with two playoff appearances and approximately zero wins. 

While Allen isn’t going to be directly heading the football side of things, he will likely remain in the building and will be a part of future franchise decisions.

This is huge for Washington football fans as Allen was never able to put a complete team out on the field. 

Washington will soon be hiring a new head coach and general manager, some of the options named so far for General Manager are Louis Riddick, Doug Williams, and Kyle Smith. Whoever is hired to be the next GM will likely have input into who is hired to be the head coach for next season. 


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