NFL All-Decade Team


QB: Tom Brady

It would be impossible to make an all-decade list without making Tom Brady your quarterback. Brady is arguably the greatest quarterback of all time, and his performance during the 2010s is proof. Brady went to five Super Bowls — more than any other quarterback — and won three of them, was a nine-time Pro Bowler, and two-time First Team All-Pro. Though he didn’t have the statistical success other quarterbacks had, Brady has had the most success of any player in this decade through his Super Bowl titles.

(Honorable Mentions: Drew Brees, Aaron Rodgers)

RB: Adrian Peterson

There have been few players as dominant over a ten year span as Adrian Peterson has from 2010-19. Peterson had two rushing titles in the early years of the decade that led to his 9,654 total rushing yards over the entire decade. He was the last running back to win MVP back in his 2012 season, where he nearly broke the NFL rushing record with an incredible 2,097 yard performance. Though his production has tapered off since he left Minnesota, Peterson is far and away the best running back us football fans were able to enjoy watching throughout the 2010s. 

(Honorable Mentions: Lesean Mccoy, Frank Gore)

WR: Julio Jones, Antonio Brown, Larry Fitzgerald

Brown and Jones seem like no-brainers for this list. Ever since the two grew to stardom, the discussion has been constant. Some years it’s Jones vs. Hopkins, and some years it’s  Brown vs. Thomas. They are both seven time pro bowlers and have each led the league in receiving yards. We value Fitzgerald’s longevity over those of Calvin Johnson Jr. and Deandre Hopkins, as each only played six of the 10 seasons while Fitzgerald played all 10. Demaryius Thomas was another extremely successful receiver who was productive throughout all of the 2010s, much like Fitzgerald. We ended up going with Fitzgerald because of his ability to stay on the field, a quality that Thomas did not possess. He played a whole season’s worth of more games and ended up with more yards receiving.

(Honorable Mentions: Demaryius Thomas, Calvin Johnson Jr., Deandre Hopkins.)

TE: Rob Gronkowski

The second Patriot to make the list should come as no surprise. Gronk was the most talented tight end of the entire decade — maybe even of all time. Though his career was cut short in 2018 due to injuries, his time from 2010-18 as a pass-catcher was as good as any tight end ever. He amassed over 7,800 yards receiving and 80 touchdowns, which was the most over that span. No tight end has even come close to his level of production during this time, which is exactly why he deserves this spot.

(Honorable Mentions: Jimmy Graham)

OT: Joe Thomas and Tyron Smith

It would be impossible to make an all-decade team and leave out these fantastic tackles. Joe Thomas was the Browns’ best player throughout an entire decade filled with failure and change. Thomas started every game from 2010-16 and was First Team All-Pro in all of them. It is unlikely we ever see a tackle as dominant and durable as Joe Thomas again. Similar things can also be said about Smith, who has been a Pro Bowler every year since 2013. Smith has been the anchor of one of the best o-lines in football since 2015 for the Dallas Cowboys. Both of these players will certainly find their way onto Hall of Fame ballots in the future.

G: Zack Martin and Marshal Yanda

As mentioned with Smith, the Cowboys have had one of the better o-lines of the past decade. Along with Smith, Martin had been one of the constant players on that line. He’s been awarded six Pro Bowl appearances in all six of his seasons and was All-Pro for three of those years. Yanda has somehow been even better. He has only missed the Pro Bowl twice since 2011 and has been All-Pro twice while playing three different positions on the Ravens offensive line.

C: Maurkice Pouncey

Ever since Pouncey was drafted back in 2010, the Steelers haven’t had to worry about their center position. Pouncey has gone on to be a nine-time Pro Bowler and two-time All-Pro in his 10 seasons of the decade. He only missed the Pro Bowl in 2013 when he suffered a season-ending injury after one week. No other center has had the longevity and accolades over the 2010s that Pouncey has.


EDGE: Von Miller and Khalil Mack

The two edge rushers we’ve chosen should come as no surprise to many. Both Mack and Miller play OLB in a 3-4 scheme, which means they are the ones that go after the quarterback from the edge. And throughout the decade, no player has been better at disrupting the passer than these two. Miller has had a total of 106 sacks since being drafted in 2011, the most in the league over that span. He is also remembered for being on possibly the best defensive team of the decade, the 2015 Broncos. Their defense carried their offense throughout the season and led them to a Super Bowl victory. Mack has been one of the scariest defensive playmakers since he came into the league in 2014. Though he hasn’t played as many games as someone like Terrell Suggs and Calais Campbell, his impact over the past six seasons has been too great to leave off the team. He has 62 sacks and 20 FF as well as three All-Pro appearances over the past six seasons. 

(Honorable Mentions: Terrell Suggs and Calais Campbell)

IDL: Aaron Donald and JJ Watt

Along with Miller, these two are possibly the best defensive players of this entire decade. They have a combined four DPOY awards and nine All-Pro selections. Watt has been around for the entire decade, in which he has amassed 96 sacks and 23 FF over a 112 game span. Few players in NFL history have given the league such defensive dominance over that length of time. Donald has been the best of the best in the latter part of the decade. Every year he’s been a Pro Bowler, including 2018 where he led the league with 20.5 sacks. Donald has created 72 sacks, 117 TFL’s, and 15 FF in just six seasons. Few players have shown as much dominance throughout the era as these two have.

(Honorable Mentions: Ndamukong Suh)

MLB: Luke Kuechly, Bobby Wagner, Thomas Davis

Ever since both Kuechly and Wagner were drafted in 2012, the two have endlessly been compared. Whether it was over Rookie of the Year, All-Pro selections or even DPOY, the two are always put in the same discussion. Luckily for this team builder, we don’t have to choose. Wagner is a six-time pro-bowler with four All-Pro selections to his name. He also is a Super Bowl champion with the Seahawks back in 2013. Keuchly has exactly one more Pro Bowl appearance and one more All-Pro selection as well as a DPOY selection. 

(Honorable Mentions:Thomas Davis, K.J Wright, Navarro Bowman)

CB: Richard Sherman and Darrell Revis

Both Sherman and Revis have been around for the larger part of the decade. When Revis decided it was time to retire in 2017, he had amassed 15 interceptions and 75 passes defended. He was rightly given the name “Revis Island” over that time, as any receiver near him would be shut down for the game. Sherman was somehow more dominant during this decade. He was named All-Pro three times and received five Pro Bowl nominations. He was also part of the famed “Legion of Boom” in Seattle that won the 2014 Super Bowl. Even after he left Seattle, he has continued being a top 10 cornerback this season.

(HR: Patrick Peterson, Stephon Gilmore)

S: Eric Weddle and Earl Thomas

Many people forget just how good Eric Weddle was in the earlier half of the decade. Over the 10 year span, Weddle had 25 total interceptions and 684 tackles — almost 100 more than any other safety. Weddle made six Pro Bowls over that span. For Thomas, his success came in the passing game. He was one of the top pass defenders from the safety position with 30 total interceptions and 71 passes defended. Thomas was also a part of the “Legion of Boom,” where he became a three time All-ro in the three year span of its dominance.

That’s it for our NFL all 2010s team. Hopefully we can end the 2020 decade the same way we ended the 2010s, without the cowboys in the playoffs.


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