Scenes of the Week: 1/05

Scene of the Week: NFL Divisional Round Set

After two days of thrilling football, the divisional round has been set for the NFL playoffs. The Houston Texans will travel to Kansas City and face the Chiefs on Sunday, the Tennessee Titans will face the Ravens in Baltimore on Saturday, the Minnesota Vikings will square off against the San Francisco 49ers on Saturday), and the Seattle Seahawks take on the Green Bay Packers on Sunday. 

And while these first rounds of games were thrilling, the biggest headline was the Patriots’ devastating loss. Until yesterday, the Patriots had not played on Wild Card Weekend since 2009. Their defense could not handle Derrick Henry and Tennessee, as the Patriots were ultimately eliminated. This loss was shocking and leaves folks asking the question: Is this the end of the dynasty?

Regardless, next weekend will be sensational. Filled with outstanding teams, talented players, and a fantastic NFL playoffs. 

Take of the Week: Minnesota Will Upset San Francisco at Levi’s Stadium

The Minnesota Vikings are coming off of a huge win against the Saints at the Superdome this past Sunday. Led by Dalvin Cook, their roster is set up for success and will shock the football world next week.

San Francisco shocker the world, finishing the season 13-3, The team has many remarkable players and is led by a fantastic head coach. While they are talented, they have a few holes in their team. Jimmy G had a fantastic season, but we have yet to see him prove himself in the playoffs. On the defensive side of the ball, key players will be coming back for the Niners, including Kwon Alexander and Dee Ford. Will they live up to the selves they were earlier in the year? And will the Vikings, coming off a quality win in New Orleans, continue their spectacular play?

We will find out next week, and one thing’s for sure: I am excited.

Nationals Re-Sign Asdrubal Cabrera, Sign Starlin Castro

The Washington Nationals have made some key moves in the form of re-signing Asdrubal Cabrera and signing Starlin Castro.

Cabrera was a key part of the Nationals’ World Series run last season, hitting .323 with six HRs through the 38 games last season. The former Texas Ranger has signed a one year contract for $2.5 million.

Castro was with the Miami Marlins last season, hitting .270 and having 22 HRs through all 162 games last season. He has signed for the Nats on a two-year, $12 million contract. Castro is a four-time all-star and will be staying in the NL East.


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