The Astros Were Punished, But Was It Enough?

Jan. 13, 2020 will go down in baseball history, as that day, Major League Baseball punished the Houston Astros for their scandal involving the usage of a camera to steal signs and relay them to a television outside the dugout, which the Astros then used to alert hitters of what pitches were coming. The punishment handed down a one-year suspension of Manager AJ Hinch and General Manager Jeff Luhnow. In addition to the suspension, the Astros were stripped of their first and second round picks in the 2020-21 baseball drafts, as well as a $5 million fine — the maximum amount the MLB is able to give a team. 

This scandal might also have implications with Boston Red Sox Manager Alex Cora. MLB’s investigation found that Cora was heavily involved, and will almost certainly face a harsher punishment. Many fans will think that this scandal is deserving of stripping the Astros of their 2017 World Series Championship because, per the MLB in a nine-page letter, “the Astros continued to both utilize the replay review room and the monitor located next to the dugout to decode signs for the remainder of the regular season and throughout the postseason.” Baseball had the opportunity to lay the hammer down on the Astros by stripping them of their 2017 title as well as punishing the players involved like Jose Altuve, the Most Valuable Player recipient in 2017. 

MLB should have at least taken the World Series away from the Astros, but failed to do that or discipline any players from that team, which undoubtedly would have sent a much sterner message about cheating. 


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