Scenes 2.16

Scene of the Week: Washington Release Josh Norman

Washington released CB Josh Norman after four years with the organization. Norman, 32, signed a five year, 75 million dollar contract in 2016. Norman started off pretty strong in Washington but has really fallen off the past year or two. Only totaling four interceptions in the past two years, it was time for a change.  Washington has decided to move on from the veteran cornerback and will look for a replacement for him. Some names out there could include Darius Slay, James Bradberry, and many more. 

Hot Take of the Week: Aaron Gordon Got Robbed In the 2020 Dunk Contest

In 2016, Aaron Gordon competed with Zach Lavine in the Dunk Contest. Many say that was the best dunk contest of all-time, as we saw spectacular dunks, many perfect scores, and a battle between the two. Zach Lavine ended up winning the contest, even though Aaron Gordon had an amazing contest. Wouldn’t it be funny if the same thing happened last night?

Last night, we saw Aaron Gordon get robbed for the second time in the dunk contest. Derrick Jones Jr came on top, but the robbery towards Gordon is insane. Gordon had a fantastic dunk at the end, over a 7”6 Tacko Fall, and was awarded a score of 47, one point shy of beating Derrick Jones Jr.

Nothing has been taken away from Jones, as he had a great contest. But, it’s aggravating that Gordon will go down as one of the best dunkers of all-time, and has been 0-2 in Dunk Contests. 

Astros Have Press Conference Barring The Sign-Stealing Scandal

The Houston Astros just keep proving why they’re becoming the most disliked team in all of baseball. Just this past week, the Astros held a press conference regarding their sign-stealing scandal; a great opportunity for players to be emotional and honest. But it ended up being the complete opposite. These two players kept reiterating how it was not their fault, they will be back, and we did not get a sincere apology.

The most sincere apology came from Dusty Baker, their manager. Baker was not even part of the scandal, having come into this Astros organization thanks to the firing of ex-manager, A.J. Hinch. The Astros need to clean up their act before this gets worse than it already is. 


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