Scenes 3.1: Alex Ovechkin and Bradley Beal Break Records

Alex Ovechkin and Bradley Beal are the faces of D.C. Sports, and rightfully so. These guys have been in D.C. for their whole careers, and have been nothing short of amazing. This past weekend, Ovechkin reached 700 career goals, something only eight players have done in their careers, and Beal hit second on the Wizards all-time scoring list with 11,103 points.

Ovechkin, 34, will go down as the greatest Capital of all-time, and arguably the best goal-scorer of all time. Ranked No. 8 on the all time list, he still has a couple of years left to make a bigger jump. 

Beal, 26, will most certainly break the Wizards all-time points record, barring something catastrophic happening. Beal has been the main guy for this team, and 

It’ll be super fun to see these where Beal takes the Wizards. A huge congrats to both!

Take of the Week: Maryland’s Loss Makes Them Even Better

It’s never good to lose a game, especially in college basketball. But, call me crazy, I think Maryland’s loss to Ohio State makes this team even better. And here’s why:

Maryland’s best players, Jalen Smith and Anthony Cowan, had one of their worst games of the whole season. Jalen Smith had eight points along with seven rebounds, with Cowan totaling 10 points and a fouled out at the end of the game. The team had to go all the way to Ohio for a late Sunday game, and with all of this happening, only lost by seven points.

The chances of Maryland winning out, winning the BIG 10 Championship, and winning the national championship was nearly impossible. With this loss, it allows this star-studded team to regroup, focus up, and go on a run this season. This team will be just fine. 

Capitals Add Ilya Kovalchuk to the Squad

The Washington Capitals just added a previous 50-goal scorer in Ilya Kovalchuk, a Right-Wing that last played for the Canadians. The Russian will add depth to this team, who are looking to win some important games before the regular season ends. 

Kovalchuk, formerly with the Canadians this season, posted 13 points across 22 games and seeks to add the same production with the Capitals. 


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