A Trent Williams Trade Is Good For Everyone

In 2010, Washington drafted Trent Williams as the fourth overall pick. For eight years, he was the best on Washington’s offensive line as a seven-time pro bowler and a second-team All-Pro selection in 2015. But as it goes, good things don’t last forever. In 2019, Trent Williams held out from playing football with plenty of reasons to do so.

Let’s catch you up:

In 2013, Trent Williams was concerned about the possibility of what is known to be Dermatofibrosarcoma, a rare type of cancer that develops in the deep part of the skin. Williams went to team doctors about his worries, only to be brushed off by Washington’s medical staff. Time goes on, and it’s pretty serious. Eventually, Williams went to a Chicago hospital, where it was announced he was diagnosed with a malignant brain tumor which he later had surgery to remove. Williams, now 31, wanted to show Washington his frustration with their lacking protocol. He finally expressed his unhappiness to former Washington General Manager, Bruce Allen in August of last season. Once Allen was fired, many hoped Williams would return to the team. But he never did. 

It has now been reported that Williams wants 18 million dollars per year instead of the 13 million he is making now. Considering Washington’s refusal to concede and Williams’s distrust of the franchise, the solution is obvious: Trent Williams must be traded. 

What Williams has done with this team is incredible. He will go down as a Hall-of-Famer, one of the best offensive tackles in Washington history, and most importantly, he helped get Bruce Allen out of D.C. Despite this record, he must go. The amount of money he wants in conjunction with the broken trust leads the franchise to no other viable option. 


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