Michael’s Quarantine Playlist, Pt. 1

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If we’re really doing this quarantine business, might as well make a playlist out of it, right? Here’s the first edition of my top-bumped songs in quarantine with write-ups for my absolute favorites.

I Will Love You For Eternity // Sugar Ray Coney

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Who said the love song was dead? Sugar Ray Coney makes it clear the love song is here to stay, with one of the most heartwarming renditions of the style to date. This track features Sugar Ray Coney spilling out all the love his heart has to offer. He might not be the most talented singer with a voice like a dove, but what emanates most beautifully from the song is the deep feeling of love he has for whomever this song is dedicated.

Another aspect of Sugar Ray Coney’s unexpected charisma are his discography and song titles. He’s not downtrodden by the norms of popular culture, with personal cover art displaying feelings of affection, love for Jesus, and personal philosophy.

Old Streets // 2KBABY

Who’s not in the mood for a good ole trap banger at almost any time of day? 2kBABY might not be on most radars just yet, but with this heater of an autotune ballad dedicated to his hometown streets, he’ll have ears perking up across the nation. 

2kBABY puts it down for Louisville on this track, a more full version of a freestyle released months ago. Sitting at a modest 1:46, 2kBABY doesn’t waste any time. Understanding the impact of a quick banger in the era of short attention spans, “Old Streets” might not break the 800m world/Olympic record (set by David Rudisha at 1:40.91 in 2012), but considering the heat he’s working with, stay tuned.

This track is a great singalong, perfect for the whip or the shower. And make sure to check out the accompanying music video. It’s an effective representation of the song’s nostalgia.

Sexy Black Timberlake // Channel Tres

Channel Tres, a singer and producer that “narrowly avoided an EDM career” is bringing that electronic dance influence to the hip-hop/R&B world and doing it with flair. “Sexy Black Timberlake” is an ode to the famous singer, but with a head-boppin’ twist that can become the life of any quarantine Zoom-call disco party.

Channel Tres’s delivery on this track leaves nothing to be desired despite a lowkey delivery, letting the listener feel out the beat while introducing his main themes of baby-making sexuality. Harmonizing vocals after the first verse bring about a new energy level to the track, and the track comes to completion when Tres introduces that high-pitched G-Funk West Coast production effect.

Skybox // Gunna

We all know what we’re getting from Gunna at this point, right? He’s perfect for drippy, smooth trap beats and ethereal production effects, glided over with the finesse of Frozone. Dropped ahead of his sophomore album, “WUNNA,” “Skybox” shows we’re getting more of what’s to be expected from Gunna. 

Gunna jumps from verse to hook to verse without losing momentum, employing a similar flow as his past work, but the change to a more liquid beat is a welcome change. The instrumental feels lighter and less aggressive than most Gunna beats, so hopefully, that’s a sign of more to come — “Drip or Drown 2” was largely held back by beats that listeners had to trudge through. 

I Got Cash // Brooklyn Funk Essentials

Have your quarantine and social distancing habits gotten boring yet? Need a track to repeatedly punch you in the face? The Brooklyn Funk Essentials have exactly the track for you, sending a massive “Fuck You” to anyone listening, especially those that pretend to be woke and progressive, but still engage in the same rich people activities as the openly ignorant.

The track is comical in its destruction of rich woke culture, calling people out for thinking they’re multicultural or educated just because they go to ethnic restaurants or read newspapers. “Stupid set of priviliged mutha fuckers / Think its fashionable to have an alternative view.”

I Got Cash” is full of quotable bars, so save yourself some time and listen to the track so I don’t have to list everything out. It’s perfect for the sesh, the car ride, or playing video games with friends because you’ll want everyone to hear every word. It’s that good.

Orange Soda // Baby Keem

There’s not a ton to say about this track that Zach Fox hasn’t already, so here’s his co-sign (head to 5:12).

Baby Keem exists in the same lane as 2KBABY, with another touch of optimism or energy- his quotable lyrics are more exciting than 2k’s but that’s no hate. And shoutout for the eating pussy energy the whole song is centered around the motif “Bitch sit on my face I attack that.”

Boyfriend // SahBabii

SahBabii, one of Young Thug’s apprentices, hopped on the scene with “Pull Up wit ah Stick,” a banger produced by Thugger that spurred plenty of remixes on social media. And while people might think he’s just a one-hit-wonder if that’s the only song of his they’ve heard, there’s plenty to see on “Squidtastic,” his 2018 album. 

Well-featured on “Squidtastic” is his love for ridiculous lyrics, highlighted on “Boyfriend.” Bars include “I wanna eat her Garfield and rub up on her feet,” and “Imma fuck her mouth and leave her teeth under the pillow.” 

Reading these lyrics on a screen don’t do them justice — while they’re unapologetically ridiculous, their presence on the beat is a funny one. Give SahBabii a chance, and you’ll welcome the silliness in these times of social distancing.

Danjahrous // Haile Supreme

Watch out, it’s the Washington Slizzards! Haile Supreme follows in the footsteps of his namesake, Haile Sellassie, and while he might not be the second coming of Christ, the peace and love he spreads on this track is right in line.

“Take it easy, don’t you worry” is the central motif of “Danjahrous,” manifested in several different ways, first through the chorus, a repetition of worry-free feelings that are as earwormy as a Pharrell chorus.

Next is the beat, which chimes and rings, reminiscing on happy days with infectious energy. It’s a nostalgia-laced track, one that’s so purely happy that it’s impossible to stay away from for over  a day or two. It’s a stressful world, so put on this track, light a blunt (or not), and take a break.

Check out all these songs and a couple of bonuses in my first quarantine playlist!



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