Why Barcelona Signing Martin Braithwaite is B.S.

Barcelona is close to being objectively the best team in the world. With the finest players at the most successful club, Barcelona has a massive global reach both to fans and the players. Their massive global infrastructure leaves Barcelona with absolutely no excuse for what they’ve done in recent weeks. 

Star Forward Ousmane Dembele went down with a hamstring injury in early February, just after the transfer window slammed shut. With no way to legally sign someone until the summer, Barcelona did something that was previously unthinkable. After showing La Liga documentation that Dembele would be out until at least May, they granted Barcelona a 15-day grace period where they could sign a replacement for Dembele. 

Barcelona should be the deepest team in the world. With a world-renowned academy system and players falling over themselves to be considered by the most successful club of all time, it’s unthinkable that Barcelona wouldn’t have the means to replace an injured player with someone from their own club. But no. In this 15-day grace period, Barcelona triggered bottom-feeders Leganes’ best player, Martin Braithwaite’s release clause, signing him for 18 million euros.

Also, not only does the best club in the world get an unprecedented, impromptu 15-day transfer window, but they wound up signing the best player from a team in a relegation battle. Essentially, because this signing was outside of the transfer window for everyone else, Leganes cannot legally sign a replacement for what was pretty much their only source of offense. 

A team placed 19th with only around 15 games to go shouldn’t have to worry about being gutted in the middle of the season by a team who won’t even use the player in question after four months.

Now that is a terrific example of how unfair the world soccer systems are between the lower-skilled teams and the world-beaters. There is absolutely no excuse for how La Liga handled this situation, and absolutely no excuse for how Barcelona handled the situation with Leganes. Barcelona, a team with very strong political ties, is supposedly all about democracy and fairness. This situation right here showed exactly the opposite. It showed Goliath taking every possible unfair advantage, and using it to sustain dominance in a world where their dominance is all we’ve ever known. 


  1. Not to mention that Leganes requested the same 15 day grace period to LaLiga on the basis of this transfer and relegation status, and were denied


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