5 Underrated Poems about Peace and Love by Famous Poets

Love is the emotion that makes us who we are, it is what keeps this planet spinning and thus, poets, artists, actors, and others were always passionate about it. So many pieces of art were devoted to this feeling and today we would like to talk about five most underrated poems about peace and love by famous poets.

1. Oscar Wilde – The Grave of Shelley

The personality of the British esthete and one of the greatest poets of the late Victorian period, of course, is familiar to every admirer of literature. The influence of Oscar on world history in different directions can hardly be overestimated. His name appears to this day in many branches of the artistic activity of man of the XXI century. The work of the writer and poet is still relevant in the modern world. Wilde provokes truly philosophical thoughts with ease, causing general surprise and shock of the masses. The mystery and difficulty in understanding this sensitive nature lead to increased interest in many famous personalities of that time. However, the harshness of the poet’s statements and preferences also leads to irreversible consequences in his life, leading to the tragic end of the work and existence of such an outstanding figure.

2. Gabriela Mistral – Ecstasy

Do you want to make a boy jealous? Show your interest in the works of Gabriela Mistral, he will surely assume that you are having a heated affair. Chilean poetess and diplomat, whose years of activity fell on the initial period of the twentieth century. From his first poems, Gabriela Mistral has won the hearts of hundreds of a lot of people. Personal drama leads the poetess to write poems marked with the seal of sadness and despair. When she wrote about her problems – people listened and thought of their issues. Mistral was passionate about protecting the people of Latin America and expressing the rights of women. Over the years, her name became a symbol of the idealistic goals of various members of human society.

The theme of the works of Gabriela Mistral is invariably associated with her emotionality. It is this sensitivity that made her so popular and influential. The drama enveloping her works is like the confession and cries of the sorrow of thousands of people. 

3. Jack Althausen – Girl

Jack Althausen is a prominent figure in the ranks of Komsomol poets of the 1920s. He readily recited poetry from the stage, excitedly led the youth along, choosing the Civil War as the main topic of his work. The spirit of daring, even adventure, comes from his own life at that time. He became a war correspondent, and this ended up cutting his life short. Lots of incredible pieces of war poetry and love are the legacy of Jack Althausen.

4. George Byron – The First Kiss of Love

George Byron takes pride in playing an important role in English romanticism, and his gloomy egoism, which filled his poems, made him famous. He created his own genre, Byronism. It continued even after Byron’s death. Most of Byron’s poems are autobiographical, which is not typical of other romantics. However, this makes his works especially memorable compared to other romantics.

5. Erich Maria Remarque – Me and You

One of the brightest representatives of the lost generation, Erich Maria Remarque – a person who has become one of the symbols of German and world literature of the post-war period. Remarque’s creativity is hard to overestimate; his significance to the history of human development is quite significant. Having experienced many difficulties, pains and hardships, Erich Maria showed his genius to humanity, created masterpieces, the names of which are known to everyone from an early age. The poet’s quotes are eternal, indestructible in their wisdom, and the philosophical questions discussed in each of his works do not lose their value through the ages.

Remarque’s poetic work is truly multifaceted. The author developed with time and it was noticeable in his works. The poems of Erich Maria Remarque can be quite easily distinguished from the rest, due to the emotional state of the poet. Remarque glorifies all the beauty that he sees in the world, clothed the essence in the contrasting robe of a gloomy mood, and won the hearts of millions of readers around the world. 



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