The Sideline Observer was started in Bethesda, Maryland during the Summer of 2018. From what started as a small hobby between eight friends, The Sideline has grown into a media brand spanning over 11 universities nationwide. Promising to provide authentic and quality content, The Sideline Observer covers all things sports & culture. From album reviews and politics to D.C. sports, The Sideline Observer team is dedicated to being your premier outlet for coverage of all things we find significant in our lives. We hope you can be a part of our growth and passionate member of The Sideline Observer community.

The Team

Mason Robinson – President

Michael Gorman – Editor in Chief

Dariya Khojasteh – Director of Business Development

Greg King – Editor in Chief

Jackson Parker – Head of Content

Berry Phillips – Head Copy Editor

Sean Hannegan – Writer

Jonah Bird – Writer

Andrew Gonzales – Podcast Manager

Andrew Edds- Treasuer

Mateo Gutierrez – Writer

Lucas Cowen – Writer

Jake Hornyak – Writer

Adam James – Copy Editor

Sam Robinson – Copy Editor

Sam Shiffman – Copy Editor

Nathalie Reinstein – Copy Editor


Alex Jaramillo, Arielle Gordon, Kareem Danan, Shane Simmons, Tiger Bjornlund, Nick Shiffman, Paul Olsen, Thomas Huncke, Josh Leviloff, Peter Sullivan, Ben Grebe, Charlie Plunk