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Hometown: Frisco, Texas. Currently attending the University of Alabama. I'm a music & culture writer. Roll Tide! (Some) Favorite Bands: Eric Church, Dr. Dre, Grateful Dead, Capital Cities, Weezer, The Beatles, Pink Floyd, and Post Malone. (Some) Favorite Movies: The Big Lebowski, Face Off, Grand Budapest Hotel, Airplane!, The Godfather, The Room, and Animal House.

Yummy? More like Nauseating, Country Remix

If any of my fine returning readers (hi mom) remember from earlier this year, you might remember my recent piece on Justin...

A Recap of Trump’s Third State of the Union

Tuesday night, President Donald J. Trump delivered his third State of the Union address. And if you were too busy re-watching The...

Yummy? More like Nauseating

So… There’s a lot going on in the world, as many of you probably know. And as much as I’d love to...

The Classic Thanksgiving Foods, Ranked by an Expert

According to this journalist’s ~very objective~ culinary authority 10. Stuffing

My Take on the Season Premiere of Rick and Morty

The premiere of the fourth season of the extremely popular cartoon “Rick and Morty” was last Sunday night. Since starting off slow...

Why Genre Has Become Obsolete

Genre is dead. Everyone, scream it from the rooftops! While I feel like my own musical Nietzsche, I believe my claim isn’t...

Brother in the Night: A Modern Southern Ballad

As one of the few Observers currently residing in the Deep South, I get the pleasure of being exposed to my fair...

Misuse of Funds Makes for a Bad School District

I hail from the great state of Texas, in a suburb called Frisco forty-five minutes north of Dallas. Originally nothing more than farmland and a train station, Frisco has rapidly expanded within the last twenty years, turning wide open fields as well as “Mom and Pop” restaurants into superstores, corporate coffee shops, and apartment complexes of exponentially increasing height.

Sound and Fury: a Multimedia Masterpiece

I have a big love for psychedelic music. Ever since I first heard the lengthy guitar solos of Pink Floyd and complex...

Artist Spotlight: Charley Crockett

For those who have read some of my previous articles, you might pick up on the fact that I have a bit...