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Why We Should Stop Talking About Serena Williams’ Foot Fault Freakout

Serena Williams’ 2009 foot fault freak out is one of the most notorious blowups in all of sports. If you somehow missed...

Roger Federer Receives Rare Code Violation for “Mixed” Swearing

You have to be very careful about saying risky things around certain people. That’s the lesson Roger Federer learned on Tuesday when...

Caroline Wozniacki Retires From Professional Tennis After Australian Open Loss

After losing her third-round match in Melbourne, Caroline Wozniacki has announced her official retirement from professional tennis. The 2018 Australian Open champion...

Australian Open 2020: The Sideline’s Predictions for the Men’s and Women’s Titles

With the fourth round wrapping up and the quarterfinal matches upon us at the 2020 Australian Open in Melbourne, speculations over who...

Hot Take: George Kittle Transformed the 49ers’ Offense

The 49ers are headed to the Conference Championship this weekend, and they largely have George Kittle to thank for their recent domination...

Backup to the Best: The Marquette Basketball Dynasty through the Eyes of Brendan Carney

When you think of Marquette University, you think of basketball. When you think of Marquette basketball, you think of names such as...