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Who is on Track to Win the 2019 MVP?

With nearly a month before the All-Star break, the NBA has had an eventful first half to its season. We’ve seen underdog...

The NCAA is a Joke

On December 30th, Miami Hurricanes head coach Mark Richt retired after two seasons on the job. That same day, it was announced...

Why the Wizards Will Make the Playoffs

Remember the 2017 playoffs when the Wizards were one game away from facing LeBron James and the Cavs in the Eastern Conference...

Power Ranking the Eight Remaining Playoff Teams

Following a decade-low in scoring during 2017, NFL offenses have bounced back in a huge way this season. In fact, this season...

Why the Eagles Should Trade Carson Wentz

Wow, just wow. The double cross-bar doink from Chicago kicker Cody Parkey to break Bears fans hearts and send Philly and Big...

Hangover Who? Capitals Midseason Report Card

As the Caps hit the halfway point of their season last Sunday, it’s time for us to check in.

2018 National Championship: A Tale of Two Dynasties

On Sunday I drove 800 miles from Bethesda, Maryland to Tuscaloosa, Alabama so that I could come watch my school win our...

Heartbreak in Chicago, Dynasty in Clemson, Bryce Harper and More

Scenes From the Sideline; 1/2 - 1/9 Quote of the week:

Chicago Fans: The Darker Side of Sports Fandom

On Sunday in Chicago, Illinois, Cody Parkey faced one of the biggest kicks in his career. With a chance to advance his...

Five Takeaways from the Ravens’ Loss to Los Angeles

This Ravens-Chargers matchup proved the “defense wins championships” mantra. On Sunday afternoon, the Los Angeles Chargers had the superior defensive talent and...